Call Sheet

Audition Form PDF / Word – please submit to Claire Carr by Wednesday 17 May 2017 (by email or in person at rehearsal)

Male Character Descriptions/Audition Pieces

Ladies Character Descriptions/Audition Pieces

Audition FAQs


Libs will be available to hire from 7pm on Friday 5 May at a cost of £20 each (cash or cheque made payable to CAODS).


In order to audition you need to be at least a Non-Acting Member (£15) and you will need to have paid your £35 Show Fee in advance of the auditions (cash or cheque made payable to CAODS). The Show Fee is refundable if you do not continue with the show post auditions.


Please find the Audition Pieces and Character Descriptions above.

All auditionnees are required to do a movement audition. There is one for dancers and another for ensemble. Sallie will set these on Friday 5 May and will then be revised at each pre-audition call.


Auditions will take place at the HQ on Saturday 20 May from 10am onwards. We will start with principals, followed by dancers and then ensemble. Once all audition forms are collated we can determine times for the dancers and ensemble to arrive. The Audition Panel will consist of Sallie Warrington (Director), Clare Penfold (Musical Director), Becki Wendes (PA/DC) and Claire Carr (Chair of the Audition Panel).

Any questions regarding the auditions should be directed to Claire (please email or call 07899 998077).


Please find above the rehearsal schedule up to the show. Please note the 2 important Publicity Days. Please detail your attendance to these on your Audition Form. Please note that, as always, there may be slight variations and flexibility around the schedule once we get setting.

If you are missing a setting call you are required to provide a stand in. It is also just as important to get the notes from your stand in and revised prior to the next rehearsal.