It is with a heavy heart that the Committee have decided to postpone ‘Kipps – The New Half a Sixpence Musical’. It was not an easy decision or one that was taken lightly. Many factors were taken into consideration and discussed at length at our virtual committee meeting. Whilst we do not know when the lockdown will end, we know that social distancing will be in place for quite some time, perhaps with those classed as vulnerable through health or age still in lockdown. We are also not sure when the Civic Theatre will be allowed open and if our audiences will be attend performances in a safe way. We certainly do not want to put our cast, crew, and audience at risk.

So, what is our plan now?

The Committee have therefore decided to keep Sweet Charity as our show for March 2021 followed by Calamity Jane in September 2021 and then postpone ‘Kipps – The New Half a Sixpence Musical’ to March 2022. 

Later in the year we are hopeful that auditions and rehearsals for Sweet Charity in October will begin. We also hope to continue with our centenary celebrations when possible.

caods are sure we can count on your loyalty and support through these difficult times.

Best Wishes

CAODS Committee