Calamity Jane

Tuesday 21st – Saturday 25th September 2021, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

caods are pleased to announce our Autumn 2021 show will be ‘Calamity Jane’ directed by Claire Carr.

Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock are the most famous peace officers in Deadwood and after a confused identity Calamity has to save the day with her trusty pistols. To keep the peace Calamity heads to Chicago to retrieve the famous singer Adelaide Adams. When she mistakes Adelelaide’s maid, Katie Brown, for the star hersels she hauls her back to Deadwood. There Katie wins the heart of Lt. Danny Gilmartin, the person Calamity’s has been pining for. Will they remain friends and will Calamity find her true love and keep the peace in the wild town of Deadwood?

Further details will be released shortly so keep an eye on our social media or why not join our Mailing List